The 10 High Priced Coins Of The World!

This is a one-time-only set of ten small half gram gold coins featuring the ten high priced coins of the world. Starting with No. 1 is the 1794 the “Liberty Dollar” with a market price of around 10.000.000 US Dollar, followed by the 1933 “Double Eagle” with a pricing of 7.590.00 Dollar, the 1787 “Brasher Doubloon USA” with 7.400.000 Dollar, the “Umayyad Gold Dinar” with 6.000.000 Dollar, the 1913 “Liberty Nickel” with 5.000.000 Dollar, the 1834 “1804 $ 10 Proof Eagle with around 5.000.000 Dollar, the 1834 “1804 Draped Bust Dollar” with 4.000.000 Dollar, the 1899 “Single 9 Pond” with 4.000.000 Dollar, the 1792 “Birch Cent” with around 2.600.000 Dollar and last but not least the 1911 “ Indian Head“ with a pricing of “only” 2.200.000.Dollar.

  • Impressive, Unique Collectors Set!
  • In Pure .9999 Gold!


Country Solomon Islands
Denomination 10 x 10 Dollars
Year 2017
Quality Proof
Material Gold
Pureness .9999
Weight 10 x 1/2 Gram
Diameter 11 mm
Mintage 2.500
Packaging Luxury box, Capsule, Certificate
Special Impressive, Unique Collectors Set
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