Panda Pian

“Pian” is the name of your new friend. Pian is a panda bear that lives in distant China. His favorite food is bamboo. The meaning of his Chinese name is “The Great-Hearted”. Pian has a heart of gold indeed: on his Breast is a little red heart containing a coin of genuine pure gold. Gold is very rare and precious – just like your panda!

  • Perfect Gift for every Occasion!
  • Toy and Investment combined!
  • Suitable for stuffed Animal Collectors AND Coin Collectors!

 My Goldheart Family Panda Verpackung

Specifications coin  
Country Solomon Islands
Denomination 10 Dollars
Year 2018
Quality Proof-Like
Material Gold
Pureness .9999
Weight 0,5 g
Diameter 11 mm
Mintage 5,000 pieces worldwide


stuffed Panda

Country of origin Germany
Height 18 cm
Fur material Velboa, premium plush
Stuffing material Soft synthetic cotton wool
Limited Edition 5,000 pieces worldwide
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