When the first 0,5g gold coin was minted the coin market were insecure. Many dealers call this size for a coin into question. Today the 0,5g gold coin programs are one of the most important stand in the planning of many coin dealing companies. This coins stand for successful subscription programs and very effective new customer promotions. We have offer 100 different 0,5g gold coins in our program convenient to almost each motive and each market.


10 Years Jubilee

  • Purest Gold of the world .99999!
  • World's first micro grade Platinum application!
  • Mintage only 2.000 pieces worldwide!



Gold Set 2015 Produktblatt


This amazing series topics the 10 years jubilee of the first half gram gold issue. It is the first time that a seven coin set with the investment icons is issued as a special 0,5g gold collection. Each Five-Nine gold coin is finished with a micro grade Platinum application. The collection is presented in a very modern high quality edition box with a stand-up magnetism.

Country Gabon  
Denomination 7 x 1.000 Francs CFA  
Year 2015  
Quality Proof  
Material Gold  
Pureness .99999 SOLD OUT!
Weight 7 x 0,5g  
Diameter 11 mm  
Mintage 2.000  
Packaging Collection-Packaging  
Special Micro Grade Platinum Application  
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