Minting and Hologram Combination!
The Colossus of Nero was a 30 - metre (98 ft) bronze statue that the Emeror Nero (37-68 AD) created in the vestibule of his imperial villa complex. It was modified  by Nero's successors into a stutue of the sun god Sol. This coin combines minting and hologram technology in a very modern way.
  • Very Low Mintage of Only 500 pcs.!
  • 3 ounces Pure Silver - 65 mm Diameter!



Holovision Produktblatt

Country Niue Islands
Denomination 5 Dollars
Year 2016
Quality Proof-like
Material Silver
Pureness .999
Weight 3 oz
Diameter 65 mm
Mintage 500
Packaging Certificate and Luxury Box
Special Hologram
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