Amazing High Detailed Minting!
This is beyond doubt really new and had been never seen before. Legal tender coins in the shape of the most well-known icons of the world famous investment coins African Springbok and Chinese panda. The coins come not only in teh shape of these icons but also with a very high relief. They are minted in Sterling Silver but bear a total silver content of 1 ounce fine silver.
  • Full Sculpture 1 ounce Silver Series!
  • Innovative Modern Packaging!

 Icon Panda 2016 AVIcon Springbock2016 AV   
Country Gabonese Republic  
Denomination 1000 Francs CFA  
Year 2016  
Quality Satin-Finished  
Material Silver  
Pureness .925  
Weight 1 oz (31,1 g)  
Diameter 40x50 mm  
Mintage 3.000  
Packaging Certificate and Box  
Special Dimensional Shape Relief  






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