The 10 High Priced Coins Of The World!

This is a one-time-only set of ten small half gram gold coins featuring the ten high priced coins of the world. Starting with No. 1 is the 1794 the Liberty Dollar with a market price of 7.850.000 US Dollar, followed by the 1933 Double Eagle
with a pricing of 7.590.00 Dollar, the 1913 Liberty Nickel with 5.000.000 Dollar, the 1804 Dexter Dollar with 4.140.000 Dollar, the 1787 Brasher Doubloon with 2.990.000 Dollar, the 100 Ducat Sigismund III with 1.380.000 Dollar, the 1792
Half Dime with 1.322.500 Dollar, the 1898 Single 9 Pond with 1.304.000 Dollar, the 100 Escudos of 1621 with 1.202.240 Dollar and last but not least the 1911 Canadian Dei Gratia Dollar with a pricing of “only” 1.000.000.Dollar.

  • Impressive, Unique Collectors Set!
  • In Pure .9999 Gold!

 produktblatt v10

Country Solomon Islands
Denomination 10 $
Year 2017
Quality Proof
Material Gold
Pureness .9999
Weight 10 x 1/2 Gram
Diameter 11 mm
Mintage 2.500
Packaging Luxury box, Capsule, Certificate
Special Impressive, Unique Collectors Set
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